Announcement of New Products

1. March 2016
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1. March 2016 Tobias Stöber

Announcement of New Products

Our company will see some changes in 2016. Above all the move to our new location and the the launch of our own product line will mean that we’ll be introducing two additional product varieties, and making preparations for a new type of product by mid-year. Here in brief:

BERTRAND – active

In order to give our support staff a little relief from all the incoming requests for a protein-rich powder for athletically active people, BERTRAND will soon introduce both a vegan and a classic active variety. The classic variety we will be based on a very easily metabolized whey protein powder, and the vegan variety will be based on our quality rice protein powder. The protein content will adhere to current nutritional recommendations and weigh approximately 125 g.

BERTRAND – light

For all those who take nourishment through protein powder but also want to combine this with weight loss, we are introducing a calorie-reduced version which will be available both in vegan and classic forms. It will contain just 1750 kcal, and will continue to offer all recommended nutrients.

A vegan BERTRAND bar is planned for the second half of the year. We will be supplying you with further information.

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