Our products are strictly gluten free.
We guarantee this through cooperation
with certified suppliers and through
regular analyses. 1 of 5

Like all our products, BERTRAND is definitely a certified organic product.

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With the zipper, you can close our bags tightly again and use them longer.

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Our labels are made of
the most ecological type of paper currently available: grass paper

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All our varieties are vegetarian.
But, of course, we also have
strictly vegan variants on offer 5 of 5

All about daily bags

BERTRAND is available in daily sachets and in the prefilled Green-Bottle. On this page we put together all the information about our pouches in classic, active and vegan varieties.

One Day of Food

Of moving pictures say more than a thousand words.

That’s why we took our bags to our earthCORE studio kitchen

to show you the package and the preparation once.

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More Information

The simplified diet

Our product was born from the idea of a simple way to take the daily recommended vitamins and minerals.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) says that a balanced diet, through a needs-based intake of various nutrients provides health and well-being. For this purpose, reference values (NRV) for the intake of nutrients have been researched, which comprise the average requirement of essential nutrients for the population.

So, for each vitamin and mineral, after a scientific analysis, a value was established in which amount the nutrient should be consumed daily.

Our product contains at least 100% of all essential nutrients recommended in the reference values (NRV) for an average adult. *

One bag = three  four  five  six  seven  three four five  six  seven Meals

You can decide for yourself how many meals you want to make from our daily bag. Our measuring spoon can help you.

While many hikers often replace all meals for a limited period of the hike, most of our clients take a different approach.

Many of our customers rely on BERTRAND to fill or bridge individually problematic nutritional periods in a meaningful way. This can be breakfast on the way to work, lunch not available or hunger in between.

One scoop of BERTRAND mixed with 150ml of water provides on average about an hour of satiety.

Want four hours of satiety and the recommended nutrients for one meal? Then mix four scoops of our powder with 600 ml of water.

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