A Soylent Alternative from Germany?

Soylent aus Deutschland

When American programmer Rob Rhinehart created Soylent, the first all-in-one nutritional beverage, he imagined never having to eat again. Rob Rhinehart’s Soylent is not available in Germany at the moment. However, there are numerous imitators on the market that offer their own versions of Soylent. The problem with all these drinks, though, is that there isn’t any certified organic meal replacement powder, or rather there wasn’t any!

BERTRAND, the organic Soylent from Germany.

That’s what you could call it! The concept of both nutritional powders is the same. Both are foods in powdered form that meet the scientific recommendations for nutrition on its own. However, unlike Soylent, BERTRAND is a certified organic product, which means that all vitamins and minerals come from natural foods.

Natural vitamins and minerals

What is the advantage of the vitamins and minerals originating from natural sources, which isn’t the case with Soylent?

You might think that it doesn’t matter to the body if the calcium comes from, for example, almonds, flaxseed or milk, or if it’s synthesized calcium. However, it is true that there are different bioavailabilities for minerals. It does make a difference to the body whether the calcium is present as a “coarse chunk” that can’t even be absorbed after hours of digestion or as a “round stone” that is quickly available.


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