6-hour run in Werl

5. October 2019
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6-hour run in Werl

On Sunday a special kind of sporting event started in Werl, attracting about 100 endorphin freaks from the catchment area around Werl. Six hours endurance run on a course of about 3 miles with about 330 feet of cumulative elevation gain through the Werl city forest. We were invited to take care of providing refreshments along the route. There was no way we’d miss out on that.

Our media crew transporter is packed in no time, Simone and Annika are in the mood to strike out, so off we are to Werl. Our long-standing customer and organizer of the run, Michael Ziemba, welcomes us euphorically and highly motivated as always and shows us the best spot for catering for his runners.  Simone and Annika have the luxury of being able to either sit or stand at our refreshment spot. From the position of this comfort and facing about 100 running enthusiasts making circles in the forest for hours, one wonders what exactly causes this magical impetus in the runners. Let’s ask somebody who should know.

OCR • Trail • Marathon • Ultra

Hello Michael, we hope your stress level has dropped a bit by now. Are you satisfied with the first 6 hour run in Werl?

More than satisfied. All participants were happy and content. So we managed to achieve what we set out to achieve. A run from runners for runners. Surely we can still improve on minor details in 2020. But like some participants were saying, “You set quite a bar here.”

Why do people run through a forest for 6 hours on a Sunday, when they could also be sitting on the sofa, watching Bud Spencer movies?

Hour runs can’t be compared to other formats. This is more about a little family get-together. About having lots of goodies and getting some exercise on top. These formats are constantly growing in popularity. It’s just much nicer than watching Bud Spencer movies. Those can be watched afterwards just as well.

The Soester Anzeiger writes that some years ago you weighted 90 pounds more and were a sofa advocate. Where had those 90 pounds come from?

That’s right. Sofa advocate is an quite an apt description. No exercise and a poor diet, and before you know it the number on the scales is climbing. Unfortunately still a major issue in our society, in my view.

What’s your tip for our readers who are thoughtfully reading this article on their sofas right now?

No more thoughts. Put your shoes on and get running. Even if it’s half a mile in the end. That’s still more than you ran yesterday. Set yourself goals and strengthen yourself, with Bertrand for example. A really practical solution before, during or after sport.

At what event could you be found next?
ve got several events lined up. In October those are Traildorado, Lidoma and Röntgenlauf. Besides that, I’ll surely be at Silvesterlauf from Werl to Soest (with a tiny detour before that from Soest via Welver – Silvestermarathon)

Michael Ziemba - OCR • Trail • Marathon • Ultra 🏃🏼

Michael is a passionate runner, Mudbuster since the early days, BERTRAND customer. He runs basically anything that’s enduring or exciting. Be it OCR, trail, marathon or ultramarathon.


These are the ten runners to cover the longest distance in 6 hours.

1. David Ulber 1986 Senioren M30 Endorphinjunkies-Dortmund / wohnt in Bielefeld 12 60,000km 5:48:00
2. Dennis Pönitzsch 1990 Männer Laufen gegen Leiden e.V. 11 55,000km 5:31:15
3. Matthias Bretthauer 1967 Senioren M50 DJK Grün-Weiß Werl 11 55,000km 5:37:25
4. Wolfgang von Hagen 1961 Senioren M55 SC Borchen 11 55,000km 5:50:53
5. Markus Thonemann 1975 Senioren M40 Warburger SV 11 55,000km 5:52:28
6. Karsten Mithöfer 1976 Senioren M40 Laufen gegen Leiden e.V. 10 50,000km 5:24:30
7. Daniel Dolch 1972 Senioren M45 Freie Wölfe 93 10 50,000km 5:30:39
8. Sebastian Krampe 1984 Senioren M35 LG Ems Warendorf 10 50,000km 5:31:29
9. Martin Hinzer 1972 Senioren M45 Adler Langlauf Bottrop 10 50,000km 5:39:27
10. Andreas Amberger 1965 Senioren M50 Lauf Team Unna / DUV 10 50,000km 5:54:52

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