Featured: Porphyra, the Organic Algae

Algae are not very common in the average diet. We explain in this article why they can be eaten more frequently and why they became part of BERTRAND.

Porphyra is a small and very rich red alga. Traditionally, it is cultivated in Japan and mainly used for sushi. On the market it exists as nori algae in Asian shops, in the form of pressed, roasted leaves and not in organic quality. In contrast to this nori algae, the algae in BERTRAND are from Certified Organic Farming and in raw food quality.
Nori contain a lot of pro-vitamin A, B12, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and natural iodine. In addition, the algae is 34% more rich in natural fiber, which is mostly lacking in today’s diet.

Sourcing and processing of our product

Our Porphyra comes from the Galician coast in northwestern Spain. They grow wild in the Atlantic Ocean unlike many algae offered on today’s markets. There it achieves maximum development and quality in the spring when its long straps are most tender, tastiest and most nutritious. Just then divers carefully harvest and process it. For BERTRAND, the algae are then dried and grounded to a fine powder.

Delivery to the USA and Canada within 3 days

Does delivery to the USA or Canada take too long? As a result of some support requests to do with long delivery times using USPS or Canada Post, as of now, we are also going to offer express delivery with UPS. This type of delivery will allow delivery times of on average 3 days from ordering to be realized. Often deliveries will actually take place within 2 working days.
The prices for this amount to €25.00 for the starter package, €40.00 for the classic package and €60.00 for the 30-day package.
If you want to choose express delivery, this must currently be entered as a comment. We will then send a payment request via PayPal, which can also be settled by credit card. In a few days, this new form of delivery will also be available as a choice in the shop.

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